Another Member Lost

More sad news to report that Robert “Bob” Reichenbach, of Northford, Ct. suddenly pasted away on July 6, 2019. Bob was a ‘wealth of knowledge’ on all things shotshell, especially Winchester. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Bob was a nice guy that always had some rare items that you just had to have. Our hobby lost, in two days, two very close friends(Bob and Mike) from the Northeast, that had a wealth of shot gun shell information that they gave freely. Rest In Peace, Bob……….Jim Eichas

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Very sad. When you get old, the inevitable happens, and you begin to lose friends with which you were very fond. I didn’t correspond much with Bob, and didn’t know Mike at all, although I think I met him once at St. Louis, or perhaps the old “Chicago” venue, but I knew Bob and he helped me with information on several occasions. I know Mike by reputation - all good. They will be missed, for sure!

John Moss

That is very sad, Bob was a very knowledgeable guy, he helped me many times.

Ran the shotshell line at Winchester & was someone who would deal with problem (any) ammunition for them & the buyer.

A real gentleman & good friend of both Gaye & I.

I didn’t know Mike, but Bob was a good friend and I learned much from him! I have fond memories of Bob at the early Chicago shows when we were part of the young crowd! Good memories of a GREAT guy.


Always enjoyed talking to Bob.
Will miss his knowledge.

Always talked to Bob at the PA cartridge show. Bought some nice shot shells from him and did a couple trades. His knowledge and likeability will be dearly missed.