Another miraculous project from Prototypa Brno

I would like to inform ammo collectors community about another project declared to be developed by Prototypa Brno in early 90’s which pop up recently and currently is marketed at Czech collectors meeting and between horny collectors of obscure cartridges. Please note, that NONE of these cartridges are Prototypa made. All samples are recently manufactured based on the “stolen top secret” drawings…spoke to couple of friends and found who has made these fancy looking bullets. As the names are strictly forbidden to be mentioned here - just one info to be placed - the guy who has made these either 3 or 4 pockets containers from different material (brass, aluminium, several sorts of plastics - white, black, brown & same with inserts - stainless steel, brass, ALU) has charged the ordering party 80 cents of each. Once you’ll be asked for couple of hundreds for these XPL - please remember that you’re throwing money for worthless garbage. Up to now several 7.62x54R, 7.62x39 and 308W exist with the only target - earn some money.

Mosin 1

Mosin 2

Mosin 3

kalach 1 Kalach 2


Tomas, so these are just fakes right?
Did a real project for this design exist?

Are more such photos available?

Alex, all are made recently (during this year) by the entity which doesn’t have any relation to Prototypa…loading realized just by swaping ordinary bullet for this fancy looking - therefore several head stamps exist; nobody took care about the ballistics - whether brass container or plastic - still the same powder charge. As per some sources, this project was on paper those days, never realized / tested. Whether it’s true or just the legend to make it valuable - who knows…? But for sure - all these - garage, newly made stuff.

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