Another new cartridge!

BIG! lead projectile at the case head measures’ .56".

Rimmed case with two shoulders.

No 20

Rimmed cartridge two shoulders, OAL is 3.25"

What is it?

Perhaps someone will recognize this from the photos.

OAL is 3.25", case length is 2.75", bullet has an OD of .56 at the case mouth.

I’ll take a guess: It is obviously a 20 gauge case - looks like it is the product of someone with too much time on his hands. I can’t imagine that it is a factory load, as the upper shoulder (closest to the bullet) appears to be bulged out a bit just below the shoulder, which often results from necking a case in a makeshift die.

I have made myself a better sizing die and all susequent DOUBLE SHOULDERED UTENDOERFFER SPECIALS will look much better.

I agree with Guy, in case it wasn’t already obvious. :) :) BTW, how much was that case worth before the guy ruined it?


The case was previously worth about 2-5 US dollars.
There are genuine 20Ga, 2.5" brass cases with this headstamp and a round nose lead bullet, unfortunately all use a normal (not necked) case as a Black Powder Rifle cartridge.
So I also think this is someones idea of a good waste of time.

Thanks, I guess I’ll keep it around for fun but someone must have chambered a gun with a chamber this shape?

BTW what the best way to clean out shot brass and copper shotshells. I have a few brass Winchesters and a couple of other ones in copper that are green inside. Brass brush or is there something I can pour in to neutralize the corrosion?

Just because a cartridge exists, doesn’t mean there was a weapon. An example is the 7.62 NATO extended (double) necked blank (M82) which is sometimes found with a .22 bullet nicely installed in the mouth. It was usually meant to fool & then sell for big bucks.


Most of those odd looking cartridges are phoney but here’s a couple that are real. These are used by several well known shooters in Arkansaw and Tejas.

Left is the 10-9-8-7-6 mm. Each level uses a faster burning powder and by the time it gets to the 6mm part the bullets usually vaporize. Can be used in heavily populated areas, and in your own basement.

Right is the 30 Giraffe. Every last grain of powder is burned in the neck making it one of the most efficient cartridges known.


I believe you may have exceeded the forum’s maximum allowable BS limit (MABSL).

Gee whiz! I’m trying to fill Slick Rick’s shoes while he’s indisposed and it ain’t easy. I suppose if they were 7.62x39 or 9x19 they would have made it past the BS Police??