Another Turkish 9x19mm box by SAR (and another box)

It appears that Sarsilmaz is moving into the US market in a big way. There 9x19 has been in the US in their black commercial boxes for at least six months. These have of different SAR headstamps, both with and withour dates.

Recently a friend sent me information on what appears to pack ammunition specifically for the US market.

I haven’t seen any of this ammunition for the sale and I can’t make out the headstamp on the image above.

If anyone runs across this ammunition, please post the headstamp.


Appears to be " SARUSA 9P 21 "

Source: 9mm - 124gr - SAR USA

Thanks BD!!!

Now another box I have to go find!


Just in case some confusion arose with other Turkish brands recently discussed, the “SAR USA” brand is owned by Sarsılmaz Silah Sanayi A. Ş. of Turkish -the firearms company- and imported into the US via SAR USA Corp. located in Auburn, AL. Actual manufacture is done by ZSR Patlayıcı Sanayi A.Ş.

USA website:

As of today the SARUSA website is useless, at least to me! I just phoned the two closest dealers they list. The first was not the dealer they list, but another gun shop that had never heard of SAR. They were nice enough to give me the phone number of the gun shop listed on the website. When I called them I was told they sell SAR pistols, but had never handled their ammo. The second company .listed “near” me was very nice and the manager asked me who “SAR” was and was looking for 9x19 ammo to sell but sure had never handled SAR ammo of any kind.

I don’t know how SAR identified their “dealers” but it is not very accurate and not an easy way to buy SARUSA ammo. I guess I will wait until it shows up on the internet!

If anyone has better luck than I did, please let me know. I was hoping to find a box before I head to the ECRA meeting but it doesn’t seem likely that I will succeed.


DRZ ammunition: DRZ AMMUNITION MANUFACTURING COMPANY LLC, Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA). Currently marketing 9x19mm and 5.56x45mm ammunition produced and packaged in Turkey.

Photo below shows bilingual label (English & Turkish) on carton from Turkey. Note the ZSR Patlayıcı Sanayi A.Ş information in the lower right corner of the carton.


Headstamp: SAR 9mm Luger, see below an enlarged portion of the previous photo.


All photos from the internet.