Another unknown 30-06 Blank

case with H/S: RA 1941 300Z
Looking at the primer, it is clearly a reloaded case.
case mouth is filled with clear wax


movie blank would be my guess


from the looks of the cartridge I would agree with you
but the amount of wax is quite a lot.
wouldn’t that be dangerous when fired towards another person

Rene, not that I know what this is but movie blanks do exist in manyfold variations ranging from different muzzle flash effects to adaptions to certain auto-gun types and also vary between rounds fired at people and there on the min. range and all sort of blanks which are just fired into the countryside etc…

1st movie blanks are not normally meant to be fired towards somebody, films are made in segments, one part, then the next part, which might appear much later in the finished product.

2nd, how much wax is quite a lot ?

As you likely know, card wads of paper are the norm for movie blanks.

Dear Peter De Coux,
“Card Wads” (a-la Five-n-One and M1909 .30 cal blanks )are a thing of the Past. Nowadays, Movie Blanks are Rosette (Star) crimped, either case length or extended Profile Length ( for feeding Auto firearms). In some National Jurisdictions, wadded blanks are a “No-No” for any type of film or theatre. The Other solution is the Plastic bulleted (False) of the RWS-Ruag type of Blank (and also the Bakkelyten Fabrik type full Plastic Blank.

That wadded .30/06 looks like a reloaded .300 RA case ( British Purchase, pre-Lend ease), and a “DIY” type. A factory Blank would have been either cannelured for a Wad (M1909) or star crimped ( as many European countries did Post WW II). By the way, the short “M1909 Blank” has issues with feeding in a Normal BAR, but is OK in any of the BMGs. It can be Problematic in feeding in a Bolt action.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services
Brisbane Australia.

Dear DocAV
Thanks for the update on the “wads of the past”.

René stated it was a reload in his original post.

Could you please do me the courtesy of spelling my name correctly. It’s Pete, not Peter.


It looks like the wax is at least till half way down the neck of the cartridge.
on the side of the cartridge was written: flash test
but that was done by a collector not by the person who “made” the cartridge
so that doesn’t mean that much.

and yes, the movie blanks come in a wide range of variations

and here are some of the “old” wads with the load on it or denoting a MG blank (yellow wad)

Howdy René
Yes that is a lot of wax.

I don’t know what it is.

That’s a nice group of .30-06 blanks, but I’m sure you know that the two short ones are .45 Auto blanks made from .30-06 cases and intended primarily for use in blank-firing altered Thompson Submachine Guns. There is a pretty good variety of just those. You find some occasionally made from 7.62 NATO/.308 Win. cases as well - made into SMG .45 blanks, that is.

Hi John,

thanks and yes I know.
They came in collections I bought and were marked as antenna erecting cartridges but the headstamps were wrong for that
but I decided to keep them since they were made from 30-06 cases.