Another unknown 30-06

Another Pick-up from SLICS
Headstamped FA 43 is this cartridge with white tip.
First I thought this would be an early M2 Tracer but the jacket is GM and not GMCS
Also this cartridge has a very faint smooth cannelure instead of a knurled one.
Could it be a T13 delay Tracer cartridge (ivory tip). However I am not sure if this one should have a cannelure or not.
Any thoughts



This probably won’t help much, but:

I have 3 boxes of the Cal .30 Tracer M2. All are head stamped SL 43. Most are white tip but a few are red tip. They all have GM jackets. All have the second knurled cannelure. Average weight is 400.5 grains.

The M2 is infamous for different color tips, extra cannelures, no extra cannelures, even packaging in boxes marked M1. So everything about them is suspect.

Good luck in identifying yours.