Another use for extras in the collection

7.62 X 39 Wolf. Nothing special. Won’t tarnish as quickly as other options. Clock made in China. Ammo in Russia. Battery in St. Louis. Very international. This was one of my Father’s Day gifts. Another was a well used 25MM dummy round which will be refurbished and utilized in a future display or lamp, or clock. Who knows.

Rick - that’s really beautiful. The lacquered cases and red CMS look great. I have had the same clock for years. I got it from Kengs and it had some Czech 7.9 rounds in it, deactivated with huge holes in the case and varnished. You could turn the holes in, but the varnished rounds looked poor. Recently, Iacquired about 200 7.9 x 57 chromed dummy rounds made by BPD in Italy, too many for any collecting purpose. So, I put them in the clock. Looks nice, but not as nice as Rick’s, as the silver color rounds don’t go so nice with the camo format. I know these novelty items are really on the fringe, but I love 'em!

I saw a few of those type clocks many years ago. Very cool! How about some colored tips in there? Say every other one with a green tip, or should it be every fifth? How about some red tips thrown in too?

Any ideas where to acquire one of these?


Sportsmans Guide. Item # E824D-138200

Great clock Rick! I love the Sportsmansguide catalog!