Another way to display your ammo collection

‘’… ever see a wide grin on a face when somebody’s shooting golf?"

Good answer.

I had a wide grin just watching it!

That is awesome Rick! I think Mr. Dillion, is the inventor of the mini-gun? He puts out a reloading catalog also.


Hey Jason

Actually, Mr D did not invent the mini-gun but has certainly improved it. And yes, his reloading goods are considered among the best. They are reknowned for their after-the-sale support. One of the good guys. Ain’t many of us left.

Sweet! I do love his catalogs even though I do no reload myself. It may have something to do with the fact he uses some of the prettiest models in his ammunition reloading catalogs :-)
Their was a brief special on Mr. Dillion and his Mini-Gun Factory on the Military Channel not to long ago. They hid his face from the camera the hole time. I realize I will never own a Mini-Gun but I would kill for one of the gun rotors! Like the old torpedo gyros I collect, the Mini-Gun rotors are an extreme work of industrial art :-)