Another Whatizit

Found on the ground at a rifle range. Dimensions do not seem to match anything I know of. I don’t have a photo but can take one if needed.

Rimless CF pistol cartridge

Steel (magnetic) case, may be nickled

HS - O.F.L. 8mm

Dia at mouth and base - .312"

Case length - .785"

Heavy roll crimp holding some sort of green plastic 4-segment sabot or shot capsule



Hi Ray !
Without picture and not calculating the dimensions, but just from the hstp and the fact you see plastic segment at the mouth, I would say :
8 mm blank.
There was a topic on these rounds (showing an hand made ball loaded one) from Pivi a few months ago.

Hi Ray,
I agree with JP.Are you sure that the headstamp is O.F.L. 8 mm and not G.F.L. 8 mm?The nickeled case with the 4 segments green plastic “sabot” is a standard Fiocchi load


I have one with the H/S GFL 8MM listed as an 8mm x 20 Blank.


Thanks guys. It must be an 8mm blank. It looks just like the one pictured by Pivi. The steel case has spots of rust on the headstamp and the tiny lettering is very hard to read. It is very likely G.F.L.

What pistol is it used in and why do they call it an 8mm when it’s obviously smaller than that?


It is used in blank pistols ( scacciacani in italian ).Here the 8 mm cartridge is the most common chambering in these pistols.These guns can’t use “real” ammo so it must be no interchangeable with other cartridges.
There exist a lot of blank pistols that copy the most common pistols of the world ( beretta,colt 1911,desert eagle etc.)
This is my beretta 8 mm Blank

I don’t know why they list it as a 8 mm but I think this number is rounded from 7,90 mm to 8 mm.So you can’t confuse it with similar 7,65 cartridges

You also see these rounds loaded with tear-gas (liquid and powder versions) for use as personal protection in some European countries.


Thanks again for that information. I learn something new every day. If only I could remember 1/2 of it I would be the smartest guy alive. :) :)

It’s intersting that this cartridge would be found on a long-range rifle facility in CA.


[quote=“Ray Meketa”]Marco

It’s intersting that this cartridge would be found on a long-range rifle facility in CA.


Either a crazy European guy came for vacation with his own (and poorly effective) self defense weapon.

Either a californian guy brought back that from Europe because it is more politically correct to shoot tear gas on a bad guy than to kill him.
(anyway the efficiency of these ctges is close to zero, but you can perhaps be sued by the guy because of the unburned powder in the eyes)


All blank pistols used here have the barrel closed by a steel rod.
I think that in the USA or other countries like Germany or France (?) they can be sold with the barrel free from the rod
The only thing that unburned powder hits is your eye!!!
( I have also a .380 blank colt python revolver.Well you must use eyeglasses to shoot with it )

These ctges are loaded either as blank or with CS.
Because in France the barrel is not closed you can use CS.
Or steel ball when people handload them.

I think these guns are illegal in France now because of that.
Even ctges are no more available.


Jean-Pierre - sorry, but you are wrong about the political correctness of shooting someone with a tear-gas gun in California. while some gas producing devices are approved under state law and don’t even need a permit to carry any longer, like sprey cans of certain brands of the chemical now (incorrectly) generically called “Mace” (CN in a liquid carrier), a conventional tear gas cartridge as under discussion is - guess what? - a felony to possess. The 8mm blank cartridges are legal, but not the tear gas ones, even if you don’t have a gun to shoot them!

Hi John,
I knew in some states you need to possess a license to carry some tear gas spray. I was kidding and teasing the californian citizen behaviour.
But you are right, I didn’t know that even CS ctges were illegal in your state.
It is worse than I thought!

I fisrt discovered California in 1974, and, coming from abroad, it was wonderfull.
Coming to the States yearly, I saw the freedom decreasing more and moer.

Things started to become harder and harder when they became crazy about smoking. I stopped coming (except if I am obliged to take a plane landing to LA) when they cancelled the Pomona show.

California’s problems are not comming from left hand politicians. As proof, your governor is not even democrat but republican.

But are due to its citizens’ way of thinking : submission, intolerance and egoisme.

Some californian collectors complain because they can’t own such or such gun or ctge. Do they complain because in some places you can’t even smoke in your private garden?

In fact it is a question of society and if California is always the precurssor (not always in fact, read further down), in fact all this behaviour is speading all over the States and the world.

All the western countries will be (if aren’t already) fascist states (lack of freedom) and this for the benefit of governments (they like all the citzens being the same and not having funny guys collecting dangerous things) and with the help of the citizens (egoisme, intolerance, and submission).
If you add disinformation by the media and manipulation by the goverments you will have a society like in the book of George Orwell, 1984.

But you are still very lucky in California !

You want to know the next step ?

Go to England and count all the public cameras in the streets . In some places you have one every 8 yards !
(I am not taling about private cams in companies, drugstores and so on)
After being obliged to give back to the police all their weapons, they are watched about 300 times a day by police cameras.
And 98 % of the British population is ok with that.

But , a fact less known, and very important for your …, is the fact for exemple, when you are in some british airports, not only your luggages are X-ray but also your body !!
Did you know that ?


This is an evidence of the stupidity of the english law.They took all the citizienns’ pistols/revolvers,and put cameras everywhere,but the crime is still increasing there.

Is it really illegal to smoke in your garden in California?

However everyone has a cross to carry on.We have berlusconi for example.
Now I stop writing here,we are going off topic

Yes Pivi

Depending of the counties:
Illegal to smoke on the beach
illegal to smoke in bars, restaurants, offices and so on
illegal to smoke within 40 yards of a bar or restaurant (no smoking outside on the terrace of a restaurant like in France and in Italy, this will be the next step for us)
illegal to smoke within 400 yards from an hospital
illegal to smoke within 200 yards of any public building
illegal to smoke within 30 yards of an administration employee
illegal to smoke in your garden
illegal to smoke in your house if you have a child
and so on

The californian people can confirm that. Ask them.

I can add a lot of things you will never believe regarding the private (and even intime) life of the people but it is not the topic here.