Another what's it? (Bunter +)

According to an American Rifleman article from March 1927, Fairbairn was Chief Instructor of the Singapore police. His book (with Sykes) of 1942 seems to give no detail on his official function.

In our sale 5 lot 582 we had a SMP round & following is the description & photo.

A ca. 1939 Western contract for the Shanghai Police, this 9mm Browning short is headstamped β€˜ W 39 β€˜, has a round nickel primer with a purple annulus, a drawn brass case with a smooth cannelure, and the lead-based, gilding metal jacketed bullet, has been pulled. The bullet base has a raised mark as instigated by W.E. Fairbairn (of Commando knife fame) for identity after a fire fight.


I have the W 39 .380 in my collection. I did not realize it
was a SMP contract, nor that it had a special character
molded into the bottom of the bullet core. Tempts me to pull
the bullet on mine to look at it, but guess I will just assume
it is there. These are too scarce to tamper with.

Thanks for the info, Pete. I wonder now if the .45 auto
Pistol rounds with the same basic headstamps are also for
the SMP. I have one date in that, but don’t recall which one
right offhand.

John Moss