ANSI/SAAMI Performance Standards books

These books have been released on the SAAMI web site as downloads.

The below ANSI/SAAMI Performance Standards books detail the voluntary industry performance standards for pressure and velocity of ammunition for use by commercial manufacturers. Each book includes detailed specifications and drawings.

ANSI/SAAMI Centerfire Pistol & Revolver Item #205 Z.299.3 1993

ANSI/SAAMI Centerfire Rifle Item #206 Z.299.4 1992

ANSI/SAAMI Rimfire Item #208 Z.299.1 1992

ANSI/SAAMI Shotshell Item #209 Z.299.2 1992

All Four on CD-ROM Item #210



Excellent. I obtained the paper copies some years ago and are very useful. They were expensive, but I managed to trade them for a photocopy of the european CIP ammo specifications.
Thanks for the info.