Answer to the editor of the IAA journal

page 20 of the last issue (482)
picture from Gerard savioz.

A box of wads cartons is shown and is labeled "cartons O"
the question was : meaning of “O”

“cartons” are used to close the shotshell
"bourres" are used to put between the powder and the shot.
You look to use the same term “wad” for both in english

“O” means just the kind of carton
SFM sold after WWII 5 differeent kinds of cartons
O type : white paper (in option name of the gunsmith or number of the shot)
P type : waterproof paper either flat or concave
S: salmon paper with number of the shot or with the name of the gunsmith
V type : transparent plastic
W type : cork (in option number of the shot)