Anti-Tank? Shell What is it?


I have a shell casing and projectile that I would like to know something about. It is 40mm diameter where the projectile fits in and about 51mm at the base. It is 29 cm long and 41.2 cm with the projectile in place.

Thank You

Welcome here canucky!

You have a cut down 40x311R Bofors 40L/60 case (looks British) with a self made projectile rpelacement. Likely a commemorative item or letter weight.

Well, thank you for the prompt reply. It certainly looks like the pictures I see online when I google it. It’s a shame it has been cut down by less than an inch but nothing to do about it now. Somebody put a lot of work into making the new projectile. It’s a solid piece, not hollow. The tip looks like brass but I can’t be sure. It’s a flawless joint if it is.

Once again, my thanks.

The cases are not really hard to find so no big loss here + it looks still nice as a sort of trench art.
Yes, the tip is brass. The flaweless joint is done by assembling both parts before the final surface is turned on the lathe.