Any Australians going to the Saint Louis Cartridge Show?


If so - would you be willing to take possession of 15 inert drill rounds (10x 7.9mm BESA and 5x 6.5mm Swedish) that are sitting idle over there because of a charlie foxtrot not of my own making?

As most people are aware, the US postage service will no longer post inert rounds internationally. Knowing this, I asked an Australian carrier if they would import them into Australia from the U.S. They said that it wouldn’t be a problem, as long as I had the necessary customs form and that the package was clearly marked as inert. Given this info and the fact that the quote was about the same cost as sending with USPS, I went ahead and had a friend place the order and take delivery of the rounds.

All the paperwork was completed online and my friend printed them out and DHL collected them. I got an email to say they were on their way, along with the tracking number. I looked at the tracking the following day and saw that the package had been returned to my friend. Shortly thereafter I get an email from him, along with the DHL rejection letter. They won’t touch anything that remotely looks like a firearm or could be used in a firearm (including toys).

The company that I had engaged to import these items (and who assured me that it was OK) apparently use OTHER couriers in countries where they don’t actually have a physical presence. Three weeks have passed and the last response I got was that they need the appropriate MSDS sheets, so they can get a quote to import them via a dangerous good carrier. I told them that there was no MSDS and that I only purchased the rounds on their assurance that they could import them, and that I would expect a refund on the carriage costs in addition to the cost of the rounds. I’ve heard nothing back.

By coincidence these rounds are currently sitting in suburban Saint Louis…

If you are able to help - please send me a message.