Any cartridges I should hunt for in Thailand?

I was a collector and reloader back in the US. Now I live in Northern Thailand. Some of the antique shops here have cool military stuff and seem to have no idea what they got. For example, I found what I believe is possibly a super old LAW training round (post to come) and bought it for $6. Any other mil/cartridge type stuff from the Vietnam era or otherwise that I would be smart to look for here?

Look for pre WWII 8x50R ( Type 45) and 8x52R (T66)
Rimmed cartridges. Introduced 1902 and 1923 respectively. Will have Thai headstamps, except for Kynock made in the 30s and 50s…K and date.

Doc AV

Maybe you can show us some headstamps of stuff you see there?
This way you will get the best estimate from the people here.

Awesome! I will keep my eyes peeled for those.

That’s what I will do. So far there have also been some interesting artillery shells. I will snap a pic of what I see in the shops and share here.

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In case you are planning to ship anything from thailand to the US check before what you can bring in and which licences you will need as otherwise you may loose items or cause LE investigations against you.

Thank you. Yes, I am worried about that too. I’ll do my research before shipping anything.

Perhaps some little models of tanks and planes from Vietnam? They are made from fired cartridge cases.

No idea if you find any, but pictures of old paper shotshells are very much welcome.

Regards rené

Are they typically painted or just rough brass? Just so I know what I’m looking for.

Okay, also a good idea. Might take a ride over to the trap range they have here and see if there is any folks who have heard of interesting cartridges laying around.

In case they have interesting empty cartridge boxes this could be interesting and un-restricted.

I have found some military regalia that is old and cool. Dress swords and such. Are Thai ammo containers of any interest? I actually own a cool steel footlocker/chest that is Thai military. I was told that military guys here collect them. Not sure if there’s a market for them elsewhere.

Some suggestions:

Photos of ammo boxes (cartons), front label, end tabs, lot#/manufacture date codes (sometime stamped on the inside of carton end flaps. Contents of cartons, cartridge profile and headstamp

Examples of manufactures/marketers:

Narac Arms Ammunition Thailand (Naracarms Industry Co Ltd)

Royal Ammunition Co.

Thai Arms

RTA Royal Thai Arsenals

Example of an old MG cloth belt:


Surplus military ammo cans & crates with good labels. I don’t know about the availability in Thailand but as an example ammo cans seem to be very popular in Indonesia: