Any Info on 9.3x64 9SN/7N33

I’ve only ever heard of this cartridge in passing - used in the SVDK sniper rifle for the neutralization of tough targets. What can IAA tell me about the rifle and ammunition?

It was an unsuccessful attempt to create an alternative to .338 LM
cartridge itself is based on old 9.3x64 Brenneke, loaded with steel-cored bullet, SVDK rifle is based on old SVD, scaled up for this cartridge
It appears that it never went past trials, and few were made
attempts were made to make a bolt action for this round but the .338 LM seems to be a much better (or at least preferred) cartridge for long range shooting

Does the Russian army use the .338 LM?

not yet, officially
however, some Spetsnaz units do have .338LM rifles, mostly imported (AI AWM, Sako TRG 42, Steyr etc)
Novosibirsk plant is supposed to make domestic .338 LM ammo any time soon, so it will open the door for more .338 LM rifles in our LE and military Special Operations units.

Novosibirsk is making .338LM since at least 2012. It also got a type classification with index. Civilian production has also started.
There were also 7.62 and 9mm versions from the .338LM parent case. The 9mm is dead and the 7.62 is being currently made (something like a .300LM then) but there I do not know about the status.

The 9.3x64 is in Russia designated as 9mm (9x64). Most known headstamps are from 2000 and 2002. 1999 are known but scarce.

Was there any hunting loads tested?

The hunting loads are the known 9.3x64 Brenneke which do exist in soft point loads and also (mixed into SP boxes) in FMJ where by now it is unconfirmed what projectiles these are (just FMJ or the sniper 7N33 which made it somehow into the loading machinery).

There are steel and brass cases and also different primer sizes.

The hunting cartridge is indeed also offered in a FMJ load simply designated “9.3x64 FMJ”. This is not the same as the sniper cartridge because in the hunting loading the bullet ogive profile is less pointed and the weight is heavier (17.5 g).

Ok. That solves it. My Russian-made steel cased softpoint has to be a fake since nobody has any info it.

Why should it be a fake? I mentioned it above. It should be a legit 9.3x64 hunting load.
You may also show an image of it so we can make sure what you got there.

Ok. I misunderstood. Gotta look into posting pictures.