Any info on Teak?

Recall a past post requesting same. Met him at SLICS after a few PMs and emails. Curious.

No one!!!

Not yet.

Hope he is ok! Have not seen him here in a while.

Were is he ???

A number of people have tried to contact him, via various means, but no luck so far.
We hope all is well.

Everybody–I have some good news and some bad news concerning Teak.

The bad news is that I have no new news about his status.
I have tried to call him numerous times at different times of the day and evening with no answer to the phone.

The good news is after searching the Dover, NH area newspaper obituaries I have NOT found any entries under his name (Gordon P. Cavis). Also, I checked the Social Security Death Index, which has been updated to 15 Oct. 2007 and he is not reported to the Social Security office as having died up to that date. So, hopefully, he is still with us and there is another reason for his long absence from the Forum.

WOW! Thank g-d. I hope he is ok and will be back soon.

He’s back on Auction Arms. I sent him an e-mail last night but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

Maybe he just wants to be left alone for a while. Let’s respect that. He’ll contact us when he’s ready.



Please note the edit of my post. AA refers to Auction Arms. I hope nobody took the wrong inference.


Any news on Teak ??

I still don’t see his auctions on Auction Arms (previous login was Iconoclast) .

Sent Teak an email on 19th December, havent heard back yet.
Thought I might have got a reply since I owe him money :)