Any info on this 50 BMG cartridge

What can anyone tell me about this cartridge?

This round is designated “Armor Piercing AP2” and was a product of Anthéna in Trappes, France.

Anthena PPI concept. The forward portion of AP penetrator is exposed and larger in diameter when compared to AP penetrators used in AP projectiles produced by others. The rear portion of the penetrator is smaller in diameter, enveloped in brass and this envelope engages the barrel rifling when the cartridge is fired.

Anthéna datasheet for the .50 PPI AP2

Here’s a picture of a sectioned round showing the construction of the projectile.


Thanks to both of you for the information. I ran across a box of these rounds and did not have a clue. The forum is always a great resource.

In the French Army, model is : PF F2