Any information on .28 Woods Revolver cartridge?

Can anyone help me with any information on .28 Woods Revolver cartridge? I found some info here: but information is very limited… … 046-vi.jpg … 538-vi.jpg … 539-vi.jpg … 541-vi.jpg

The .28 Wood cartridge shown in the picture is the flat base variation with the igniting compound separated by means of a disc, a construction that during many years was considered a Moffat’s patent, but this is incorrect. The British patent actually illustrates two different cartridge case constructions: flat base (as described before) and concave base with the igniting compound supported by the case base walls. Both variations were manufactured.

It seems that none of the patents granted to S. Wood in the States cover a cartridge with this exact design, but that of March 1, 1864 describes a similar looking cartridge (flat base) having the igniting compound located just below the bullet and a revolver with a hammer striking the case at this advanced point.

Also, a confusing issue about these front loading designs is that S. Wood also patented a revolver using “normal” cup fire cartridges. Thus we have a Wood’s patent revolver made for the Eagle Arms Company chambered for a .28 caliber Ellis & White’s patent cup fire cartridge.