Any interest in a 8x58R Danish thread?

Perhaps you can use this blue print
HL patrontegninger Blue Print, M89.pdf (2.8 MB)



EXCELLENT blue print drawings!
Thank you very much for sharing them with us.


Wow, excellent information. Thank you very much.


I am looking to buy a 1891 8x58 Rolling block. Plan is to shoot it with just black powder loads. Have been searching for cartridges, dies and a proper mould. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Have found a place in the US for cartridges but they won’t ship to the Netherlands.

Good morning Mountaineer and welcome to this Forum. Look for rubus-xl on the WWW. This company is a good Belgian black powder specialist (the best). Export to the Netherlands or visiting the shop (bordering Zeeland) should be no problem. And of course all in Dutch.

Nice thread.
Here are my 8x58R Dummies.


#1 Would be a M1889 dummy.


In the mean time I have found:
a die set:
berdan cartridges:
and a die set at midsouthshooters suppy
and did the first test shooting. Will need some development… In order for the bullet to be close to the lands it needs to stick out quite far…
Will keep you posted

I recently got this box,and assumed it would be Norma headstamps on these since the stamp says NEW CASES.
Was a little disapointed when the headstamp were danish…(Because I have a lot of those.)
But then i saw that the primer has Normas NP stamp.

Millitary cases for hunting cartridges…

Could these be original cartridges to this box,from 1928?
Did Sweden buy cases from Denmark?

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The label on your box is printed in october 1946. Maybe this was before Norma started production of their own 8x58RD cases? They used to buy once fired brass from the army (and perhaps sometimes new cases too?) and reload them for sale. By 1946 the swedish army was not a source for 8x58RD cases, and Denmark was perhaps drying up as well, as they used different calibers after WW2. Your cases could be an old stock of unused cases, as danish cases had the years applied when they were made and not necessarily loaded the same year.

I have a box similar to yours, but all the cases are swedish military and dated 1895 and 1896.

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