Any value to these

I was receintly given several E C 43 45 ACP rounds. And I was wondering if they have any collector value.
Thanks in advance.

Those are common items and usually sold for less than 1$ each

That is the info I was looking for, Thanks

That only means that the are not monetarily valuable, because they are still, after over 50 years, very common. EC and ECS made millions of rounds of this - so much more than any projected need that the line was shut down in late 1944 even though the war, at that time, was expected to go on until perhaps as late as 1947. Ended early by the “big bangs” at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One of the many miracle stories of American WWII production.

They belong in any U.S. Military cartridge collection or auto pistol collection! There are a myriad of headstamp variations, for size, shape and positioning on the cartridge head of the headstamp elements, as well as brass cases and steel cases, the latter with at least two dramatically different case finishes. There are also factory dummies, again with lots of headstamp variations.

Something doesn’t have to be worth a lot of money to be collectible! The history behind the EC and ECS headstamped rounds makes them, IMHO, more interesting than many very rare and costly cartridges.

Oh yes,John is right.Everyone can collect what he wants so EVERYTHING can have a collector value , even if it is usually sold at low prices

Not every collector collects rare and valuable cartridges only

I believe the total production by EC and ECS was about 3 Billion rounds. I don’t know how much of that was the steel cased 45 but, even if you used a very conservative estimate of 1/3, that’s a lot. It takes a truly dedicated collector to find value in something that common. :) :)


The marking is common, but with so variation!

I suppose there are so many variations as they would have broken quite a few bunters, especially when stamping letters into steel, over the course of making 3 Billion rounds.