Anybody heard of 7mm Short?

I was on (great site) and I saw some 7mm Short ammo. I though maybe the 7 was a typo that was supposed to be an 8. I clicked on it, and it looks nothing like 8mm Kurz. My question is, what is it? … -P706.aspx

Probably the 7x44 by FN as made in the early 1950’s when the British were working on the .280/30

I think that round is the 7x49 Liviano, developed by FN for Venezuela. Early FN FALs used the round. The round, and the boxes, are pretty common here in the US, but I’ve never seen one of the rifles.

There is also a 7mm Kortnek ( 1899-1900), made for the Boers, using resized 7,65x54mm Cases ( giving a 7x54 Case)…it was hoped it coulpo;d be utilised in normal M93/95 Mausers in the Boer War,

But ( IIRC Correctly) issues with Throat and Neck erosion from the Powder prevented subsequent use of “Normal” 7x57, because of cases Necks enlargening and causing difficulties in extraction.

It was a combination of “need” and expediency, on top of “experimentation” ( excess 7,65 Cases available, not enough 7mm cases on hand). "KortNek ( short Neck in Flemish/Afrikaaner Dutch) Cartridges are extremely rare, most having been used or souvenired by British, Aussie and Canadian soldiers, not knowing what they were (“any old 7mm Boer Cartridge”)

Most are DM 1896 FyA ( typical of Latin American 7,65 Cases); some FN are also noted. It seems that FN (by then totally owned by DWM,)used cases sourced from DM for this contract.

The reason for the variant dates (96, when made in 99) was that Cartridge Makers made big runs of Cases, ready to Load, in standard calibres, then filled them, up to several years later, as contracts appeared. Only in Wartime did “Case making” be followed immediately by “case Filling”. FN still maintained this process, up to WW II ( cases Made (HS) in 39 filled in 1940 (label details); of course the Dutch had cases made in 1922…and filled them up to the 1930s.

But overall, the 7x44 FN, the 280/30 or .280 Mark I, the 7x49 Liviano, all qualify as a “7mm Short” in the Modern acceptance of the Term.

Doc AV

CVDS also sells 7mm Short empty cases. If you look at the ad you can see the FN 55 headstamp. That pretty much narrows it down.


Doc, if you look at the OP’s posted pic, I think you will see it is definitely the 7x49 Liviano.

7mm Short/Court is also mentioned in The FAL Rifle, which I am currently reading. It appears to have the same case length as .280/30, but different dimensions.

The round in the picture looks like 7x49 Second Compromise, I agree.

That surprises me: as far as I am aware, the Belgian 7x43 is a copy of the .280/30 and is interchangeable with it.