Anybody know the story on this one?

all the letters were not in the pic, “CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1972 55,000,000” the headstamp is W-W AA 12 GA
I can’t find anything on this one and I have not seen one before but I’m not a shotshell collector even though I will keep it for my collection. thanks


I’ll make a wild guess on this that it represents the total number of that particular cartridge type turned out by the factory, completed on the date given, and was a giveaway either for the employees of that factory or loading section, or for visiting firemen, or both. I have seen other similar items in my life, commemorating various milestones of production, and not always on cartridges.

It could even be a “one of a kind” given to someone important in the factory or of that particular production line and actually be the 55,000,000th round produced. That would, if provenance could be found, make it much more valuable and perhaps a little more interesting as well.

Congratulations on your find. I think any of us would keep that round, even if outside of out main collecting specialty!

John Moss


Here’s a similar commemorative in 30 X 137.


Yea Rick I have seen these type commemorative rounds or displays but almost always they are inert just like yours says it is.
This one looks like a loaded round in every way and has no script about being inert.
Like John says this may be very common or very rare, (I think if it were common someone would have already posted something like I have seen one but don’t know anything about it) thats why I figured I’d put it on here and see if a shotshell guy could at least tell “US” a story about it.
Maybe Santa Clause will leave a note about it in the stocking tonight.


Steve - I didn’t say they could be common or rare. I have never seen one in my life. I said I have seen similar items. Some weren’t even cartridges. I recall one was a cigarette lighter, but don’t recall any of the details because it wasn’t of great interest to me.

If made as a giveaway commemorating the 50,000,000 shell, it would still be scarce. A couple of hundred rounds given to people prone to keep them or throw them in a drawer and forget them, would not translate into many around today. A single specimen - the actual 55,000,000 round itself, would be a one of a kind!

Either way, great round, expecially if one could find a little provenance from Winchester on it, since it sounds like it is otherwise a completely normal loaded round.

John Moss



Your 12 Ga. being a loaded round makes sense, I suppose. Not sure how successful the crimping stage would be on an empty hull but guessing it wouldn’t have as much “authorithy” to it if empty. Neat, regardless. Holler if you run across another one. I ain’t skeered of shotgun shells, like some folks are around here.