Anyone able to identify these please

They are 4 1/2 inches diameter and over 13 inches tall

Far left is a black dog. Sorry just to tempting.


Eerrr right yes well thank you

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Is there anything written on them, any symbols? These are de-milled, the brass driving bands were removed (from near the bottom), surely not by a collector. The top cones (fuses) were removed (unscrewed) too, the one with a brass threaded top probably contained high explosive before, the bottom I don’t know. Look at the bottom for anything stenciled (written) on them. And feed the dog.

The driving band groove appears British and if 4.5 inch then this is likely a 4.5 inch Howitzer HE shell.

The dog is from Cumbria and well fed, well exercised and fit, not like Southern fat dogs.
Oh and no markings anywhere :-)

these are from a very old horders collection workshop there are quite a few of them and it looks like back in the day all the brass and copper has been hacked off as none ferrous metal (scrap)

You can see by the chisel marks, on some brass tops any that did not come off easily have been thrown in a corner and forgotten for a long long time.

Be really interested to know what period they are, queer thing is they are all the same size and shape but some have brass inserts in top others just threaded steel but with same size thread almost like a transition thing

What are they you experts ?

Info welcombe

With the brass fuze well I would say it was made before 1918.

Cheers EOD

Could be one of these, one needs to check all measurements. Also make sure it is no 4.7 inch:

Its not 4.7 its definitely 4.5 but they dont have the undercut in the base and the depth of the brass tip is 2 1/4 not 1.7, otherwise it looks very close

Thanks for that

Harry, the thing is that there are plenty of variations. Unfortunately I do not have documentation on all of them.

Maybe somebody else who is specialized in early British artillery ammunitiuon can chime in.

Think you are spot on some of this lot have slight differences in that some of the noses are threaded straight into the steel the same diameter as the internal thread of the brass insert. basically doing away with the need fort the brass insert possibly making production quicker and easier.
I have a few of these, is there a market for them ? and where do you think the best place to sell them will be.

Appreciate your help

As the driving bands are missing and the overall condition is not good I fear the value is close to zero.

No Idea where to sell as it always depends in which country you are living.

Its OK
I already have some good offers, thanks