Anyone collect cardboard military cartridge boxes?

I’ve got a couple that I planned to throw out, but if anybody wants them I’ll gladly ship (on your dime). I’m just afraid that shipping costs would likely be more than what they’re worth. There’s all empty of course; a 10rd. box for M18A1 20mm drill cartridges, 10rd. box for Cal. .50 dummy cartridges and a 20rd. box for 5.56mm dummy cartridges.

Located in Mesa, AZ.


I like the 20 mm and .50 box
Maybe you can give them to Pete the Coux and he can bring them to St-Louis for me


Any chance you could post a set of images of that 20mm box?

I sure like the 20mm box, but as Harrie spoke first I’d be glad to take them both to St Louis for him.
I’m just a wee bit north of you in Prescott, come up to the show & meet others in the state. And if you feel the urge, come up & see the clip / link collection or other bits & pieces.
Just give me a bell / e-mail & I’ll get you some directions.

Sure; I’ll post some up by tomorrow.


What show?



Prescott, AZ: … ridge-Show


SLICS: … ridge-Show

If you can go, then by all means GO!!!


I’ll see if I can make it to the Prescott show. Weird that I grew up ~60 miles east of where SLICS is being held and I never heard about it.


Probably because the show used to be held in Chicago.

Pete it will by nice if you can bring the two boxes to SLICS for me


only if you promise not to “borrow” my hat again.

Okidoki Pete .

The Prescott, AZ show has nothing at all to do with the Chicago show. The latter was moved to St. Louis, where it remains.

The Prescott Show, held originally in Phoenix as I recall, was an additional show started by the California Cartridge Collectors Association, whose regular show that the time was held in Southern California. Of course, that show could not allow the plethora of ammunition types prohibited in California. The motive for the second show as partially to draw attendence from those that would not come to a repressive state like California. Today, the California club has renamed itself the Western States Cartridge Collectors’ Association, and has no formal show in California. One show is held in Reno and the other in Prescott, although I am not sure that the Prescott show is still under that club’s management. California collectors like myself get lonely now, as many of our colleagues have moved out of the state in their retirement, and some have given up collecting. We do have some informal meetings on occasion, at a member’s house in my area, with another held in Southern California.

Here’s a few more pictures along with a stock photo and link to where I bought them. I only needed 5 to link up, but it was cheaper to buy a box of 10 and then sell the excess. (The box was already opened by the time I got it). … base-case/


Hi John
The Prescott show is totally WSCCA. As a WSCCA member I ask Rick & others for date OK’s & checks for tables are made payable to WSCCA. See the adverts in the Trader under the WSCCA name.

My involvement is the Prescott Rodeo Grounds wanted a local to be responsible for signing the contract. So I sign & pay and get reimbursed by the club. I take the table rent, deposit it in the WSCCA bank account & help visitors with directions or a list of hotels if needed. Advertise in the local newspaper under club Ok. & get reimbursed for that. I’m now the show chairman as Radford, at one time was occupied with personal matters & I stuck up my hand to help out.

Not sure why you would think it’s not a WSCCA show.

I would like the 5,56mm box if still available. Email sent.


WRM, thanks a lot for the images!

Pete - I knew it was a WSCCA show originally, but have not been to one in some time. Since I get to virtually no cartridge functions anymore, including the Reno show and even our little local meeting in Stockton, I have little contact with the club anymore. I knew that you or someone else was pretty much running it, and wasn’t sure how deep WSCCA involvement was anymore.

My own lack of avenues of information these days, not any impression I got from anyone else. I simply am getting afraid to express anything in a definitive manner.

Sorry about that. I wish I could be at that show, but it is no longer in the cards for me.

Wish you could be at the show(s) too.
Hope things at home workout for the best & can relate to your situation, wishing you the strength to cope.

WRM–“what Alex said!”