Anyone could ID these hunting bullets?

I was told they came from the USA . They are all 9.3 mm / .366" bullets , but I don’t know their commercial names

The bullet loaded in the case on the far left has a lead tip that looks like grey lacquered

The third soft point from the left ( the one with that big lead tip) has a “H” on the base


Hi Pivi,

The one on the right is a product of North Fork Technologies.
Check it on the following link: … 0-ss.html/

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Mihaly Toth

Welcome, Mihaly, nice to meet a fellow contributor of scans to, like Pivi.

Mihaly Toth ,
thanks for your ID

Sksvlad ,

Aaargh … you uncovered my secret …that’s because Jordi changed my name in the website from “Marco” to “Pivi”

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Just seen #2 bullet model loaded on a 7 x 64 Brenneke round made by DWM