Anyone from West Coast going to SLICS?

The USS Iowa (now a Museum located in Los Angeles) is trying to get a U.S. Navy 8"/55 projectile and powder case for a future exhibit on gun mount explosions (The Iowa experienced one in its 16 inch mount, as did USS Newport News in their 8"/55 mount).

A generous donor in St. Louis area has offered to donate a projectile which weighs about 235 pounds, but they still need a FREE way to get it to the Iowa in Los Angeles, or at lest close enough for them to pick it up.

Will anyone from the West Coast be driving and able to take this projectile home with them?
(Or would anyone want to write a check for the freight costs? I son;t have a quote, but think maybe $500 would cover it.)

Any help would be appreciated! PM me and I will put you in touch with the principles involved.