Anyone Going?

A friend sent this to me and I was wondering if any one was going? … -pearlman/

$2200 for a print of the sectioned 9mm, not even a limited edition.
I’m in the wrong business!

I am curious if any of the rounds are Paul Smith’s sectioning work? (and maybe now reside in my collection?)

The original blog post ( ) with many photos that went semi-viral last year on several sites referenced the artist having been in Switzerland to get the photos taken, which led me to speculate they were from Reinhold Peschke, or else another European collector who had gotten them all done by Paul or from Reinhold somehow. The high-resolution photo work is professional grade no-doubt, but to believe that as limited prints they are worth as much as $2200 is a big stretch.

I suppose the implied rarity comes from the fact that reproducing such photos would be nearly impossible without knowing the 4 or 5 people in the world who have all of the same sectioned cartridges available for photography.

In addition to my regular job I have a part time job working with a small auction company. On occasion we have some original art and signed prints to sell. One thing I’ve noticed is that if the art work is “strange”,“odd”, 'different", “controversial” or “visually appealing” it sells well. My guess is these photographic prints will sell like crazy. More money than common sense.

All of the sectioned rounds featured are on display at a Swiss fortification near the Austrian border. We had a tour of the historic facility a few years ago in conjunction with the ECRA meeting. Within this massive underground complex one room holds a pretty decent ammunition collection which includes a significant collection of sectioned ammunition for which I can claim no credit!


While it is not impossible that the sectioning of the cartridges on this “Art Work” was done by Reinhold Peschke, they are not done in the same fashion as those on his chart "“Sonderpatronen im Kaliber 9 x 19,” which pictures 58 - 9 mm Para cartridges sectioned down to the base, with the heads left full (I suppose originally intended to retain the entire headstamp, which I myself actually much prefer to rounds sectioned right thru the head, unless the intent is to show the primer contruction), whereas the two pictures shown on the link given on this thread show the two cartridges sectioned clear thru the head. So, they are not the identical cartridges or photos.

The price, of course, is absurd. While larger than the Peschke chart, and perhaps printed to a slightly higher quality, I believe I got my chart of Peschke’s work for something like five bucks at a St. Louis Meeting, as I recall. It is not, by any means, a poor quality reproduction either. The photography is very good as is the printing, clearly showing the contruction of the rounds pictured.

I was not able to find any picture of the full chart in question on this thread, on the posted link. Only two cartridges. In one of the comments, it is said that the two pictures are somewhere on the IAA Website, but I could not find them.

I seem to remember paying around $15 each for them at SLICS a few years ago. Below are the 2 posters from Peschke, in high enough resolution to see what is on them, but not sharp enough to undercut or frustrate the intellectual property of them (the photos are at a slight angle to avoid flash reflection):