Anyone happen to get any of these yet? Lehigh Tungsten! :D

I’ve used a few different Lehigh bullets. 9mm, 300 blackout, 6.5 Swedish. Absolutely excellent products. Then I see these:

Anyone seen these in the wild yet? They can only be bought by .mil or leo so I doubt it, but it never hurts to ask! Ya’ll have a good one!


I visited them last year. Dave F is a gentlemen of the highest caliber. Excellent shop, very clean, nice machines. A++ company. So pleased that a ‘newer’ company to the industry has people like them. I cannot stress enough how great they are.
I have been so disappointed by so many of the ‘new’ people. So many hold the cards so close you cannot tell if they are a real company. Unfortunately, so many of these ended up being scam artists that trusting any of the ‘close hold’ people is difficult.

I have the component pieces, however I need to check with Dave before I release.

They are doing some amazing things in bullets, AP and API. I expect great things from them.

Jay Lehigh%20AP%20Bullet%20Jay%20Bell

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Lehigh only sells those to FFL-10/11’s, or government agencies. The rifle caliber AP projectiles are perfectly legal for them to sell direct to public, but none of the manufacturer’s dares to wade into that territory.