Anyone know about this one?--7.62NATO-AL Case & DU? Proj

I don’t have much info on this one.

A short-range, sub-sonic, DU round???
NatoDave will be here for turkey, I’ll make sure he sees this.

If the visible front part shall be the Du core I seriously doubt it to be one as DU itself has a different color.

Am I missing something? What is the significance of the unheadstamped, empty cartridge case in the picture? It appears to have a smaller diameter head than does the headstamped round.

John, the one with the projectile was just longer and when in the rack it was closer to the lens - hence it appears larger.

EOD - Thank you for that information - I should have seen that myself since I deal with perspective in many pictures I take. But, what is the significance of the case to the thread, or is there any. I have no complaint, by the way, if there is no relationship of it to the thread; I am just curious.

This is the way I received the set, with the 2 extra aluminum cases. I was told this was a Hornady development.

Glad I asked. Frankly, from my view, the aluminum cases are more interesting than the loaded round, although they are all nice items. There was no way to tell that the case was aluminum, at least I couldn’t tell that, from just the picture. Nice stuff Thanks for the reply. Good pictures, too, by the way.

The only .308 DU round I have seen is like the one on the right side:

An identical round along with a bullet can be found at The thread title is “350 gr Tungsten .308 bullet”. Unfortunately, there is little additional information given and no manufacturer.

The aluminum cases are interesting - I’d like definite confirmation of who made them.

In addition to the 7.62mm DUDS cartridge manufactured by Pacific Technica, AAI tested the feasibility of using DU flechettes with sabots in 7.62x51mm cases - the report can be found via google.


Thanks NATODave,
What do you think about the bullets being numbered?
If you figure out what they are let me know.
Bruce Holm

I’ll call Ms. Hale at Hornady on Monday and pick her brain.

Here is a Picture of the box for DUDS from Pacific Technica


I spoke with a .gov rep at Hornady this morning who advised that he had no knowledge of any DU tests or projects at Hornady, current or previous; also that they have no facility that could safely handle DU pills.

I’ll email him this pics in this thread if that is OK w/everyone involved.

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