Anyone recognize this partial Turkish headstamp?

Supposedly this is a Turkish cartridge. I can not recognize what the headstamp is.

Aaron, this 13x52R cartridge is headstamped with a tughra, which is a signature of a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The pin should point to 9 o’clock to read it correctly, although due to its condition it would be very difficult to identify the name of the Sultan and its ruling period.

There is a lot of information about tughras on the internet; check this website:

I hope you can identify the correct one.



Toughra or Tugra: Hand scripted name of the Sultan and Caliph of the Ottoman Empire; done in Religious Arabic Script and done in an artistic style (looks like a Pitful of snakes). each one is indicative of a Particular Sultan, and denote that the item on which it is impressed or engraved is “The Sultan’s Property”.

Now the Cartridge: May have been fully made in a European Country (France, Britain of Germany) given the Pin-Fire design. The Toughra would have been impressed at Drawing/Heading of the Case.

Now whether it may have been filled at Constantinople, at the Arsenal there, or more so the case “reloaded” there, is unknown. Turkey for many years in the Cartridge Era,( 11.43, 9,5, and 7,65mm ) imported cases from Germany and Britain, and filled them Locally. They only set up a Cartridge Factory to fully manufacture 7,65 cases in 1907-8, with the Help of DWM. But even then, Primers and Powder were still imported. Turkey only reached full independence in Cartridge manufacture, with a Powder & Explosives Factory established by AS.FA in 1925. ( Now Part of MKEK).

Very Nice ( and probably Rare) example.

Doc AV

Thanks! This is pretty neat!