Anyone recognize this x54r ammo?

found a can of it in the bottom of my ammo safe , i think its Yugo but i do not recall the head stamp or yellow primer sealant

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maybe from the “polican” factory

Definitely Albanian. Good shooting ammo.

next question , where did i get albanian 7.62x54r ammo , lol , oh boy , im getting old

i havnt had anything chambered in this caliber in what has to be 15 + years , i had a pair of SVT-40’s , i knew i shot allot of Czech silver tip and Yugo Brass case through them , but im drawing a blank on ever purchasing Albanian

many thanks fellas

Agreed. Albanian. Some that I had was very poor quality, but it was very inexpensive. 1988 or 1989 dates if I recall correctly. I ended up pulling a bunch of it down for the powder and projectiles to reload .303 British and 7.62x 54r.

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