Anything to do in Bedford, PA


I am going to be in Bedford, PA for a few days starting today through Saturday. Is there anything fun or exciting to do around there? Any great gun stores or any iaa members who want to show off their wares? =)


Where’s Bedford? If it’s anywhere close to Philly shoot me a PM.

Just checked, it’s 100 miles west of Harrisburg, FAR from me. There are some good military sites around Carlisle.


Looks like you missed a good lecture on artillery a few months ago in Bedford: The guy (Melvin Huston) doing the lecture used to work at Kennametal co. which incidentally were the ones who had made the Kennertium bullets for Kopsch’s early KTW bullets. Neat!


Pennsylvania in July!! I’d recommend finding a nice air-conditioned mall and spending all of your time there. ;)



We use quite a few indexable carbide tipped turning and milling tools as work that are made by Kennametal.


You’ll be 80 miles away from Aberdeen Proving Grounds’ museum, lucky you.


Looks more like 180 miles to Aberdeen, a bit far unless you have a full day off.

Old Bedford village is a local “living history” operations (miniature Williamsburg more or less).

Nice part of the state in the hot weather as it is in the mountains. Very scenic.


I don’t think its all that far to Gettysburg, always a favourite of mine but if you google the town’s visitor website you will find it has some railway museums which I always find interesting. Theres a Harley Davidson museum at York PA, it depends how far you want to drive.


Gettysburg is about 90 miles, but that is the shortest route over the mountains- have gone that way a couple of times- slow going, twisty two lane driving so not much fun. Take the longer route on the big roads and it will be about the same time, but much less stressful drive.
Better yet, read “Killer Angels” in your spare time and make a separate trip to Gettysburg in the future- and then on to Aberdeen.