Anything to do with ammunition or firearms?

This came with some ammunition. It is made out of steel.
Any ideas?



Part of a blank firing adapter for a rifle?


Could be… I did not think of that.



Just the first thing that came to mind, it somewhat resembles one but cant find an exact model.

If it’s a BFA what would hold it to the rifle? So doubt it is one. Blank firing adapters often clip into the bayonet lug for example.

The opposite end of screw head is treaded, must be part of it is missing?

I guessed it is missing more than 1 part to it. It looks like only the front section, while the other half connecting it to the rifle is missing.

It looks like a “T” handle or latch of some sort. I’ve seen something similar, but exactly what or where escapes me at the moment.

Looks more like a gun tool or gun part (other than BFA). Choose one of the gazillions.

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Yes, I know the feeling… I have in my mind seen this somewhere before, and can’t put my finger on it…


Yes, that is why I posted it here, as between the folks here and there experiences, I was hoping someone can say “I know what that is”…

I had done picture recognition search on the net and nothing, but I just know I have seen this before…