ANZAC Day 2009

To all our Australian and New Zealand collector friends (you know who you are) a respectful wish from me that ANZAC Day 2009 be one of pride for you.


And for those not aware of the significance of ANZAC Day, just watch the movie GALLIPOLI.

If you really want your heart to be broken by an Anzac, watch "Breaker Morant" … re=related

G-Day Fellas,

Thank you for remembering us on this special day, here in Port Lincoln South Australia it was a cold overcast morning for the dawn service, the rain held off for the march past but bucketed down with rain during the ceremony!

Never a complaint though, & all was forgotten when we were back in the RSL (Returned & Services League) Hall for rum & tea!!

Cheers Mate,

Regards Ozzi.

Cheers guys.
ANZAC Day would have to be the most sacred day on our calender.
Everythings stops over here, not even any of the shops open til 1pm.
It seems that ANZAC Day commemerations and the number of people attending dawn services is growing larger every year.
Gallipoli should never be fogotten.
Lest we forget