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Hello -

I’m brand new to the forum and am an amateur cartridge collector. I hope this isn’t a dumb question that gets asked all the time (haven’t had a lot of time to look around the forum yet).

I recently purchased an M735 penetrator made for a 105mm cannon. My question is, does anyone know where I could find discarding sabot petals or a casing for this round?



No. They come on the market in onesies and twosies, but quite rare to find a “set”, especially if they’re specific to your dart. As well, they are generally “fired” and aren’t in the best of shape for completing the projectile.
Bad/sad news, I know, but that’s the way it is with these. The darts are pretty neat by themselves, so it’s not a lost cause. A great start to the collection, regardless.



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The cases are easier to find than the Sabot parts will be.

If no one else can come up with a lead on the parts your missing, send a e-mail to forum posters Cartguy (he may have a casing available) and APFSDS (he’s heavy into those and may have a source for the sabot parts)


What Tailgunner said. The cases ARE fairly common. I focused on the “petals” and ignored the case issue.
FYI, been onto Jason for a while on some petals. No joy. Yet. He does have one of the finest collections of those types, so maybe you can talk him into parting with a complete example. Tell him Tailgunner promised you a “brother-in-law” deal on the price. :-)


Wow, I didn’t expect a response that quick. I really appreciate your help.