Like most of you, some of the favorite things in my inert ammunition collection is literature full of pictures, design stats and company history. Over the last few years I have been sent some amazing ammunition flyers / handouts from IAA members that attended Defense Shows or threw their friends. They are awesome! Here are a few scans of the tank fired APFSDS flyers. :-)


M735 Made By General Defense Corporation. This is one of my favorite photos of a sectioned M735 as it even shows the tungsten core inside the sub-projectile dart. It would be so cool to watch this type of ammunition being made.

M735 Made By Chamberlain (Cool exploded View)



M865 TPCSDS-T Made By OLIN ORDNANCE (This is an early MOD M865, it has evolved a few times since this handout)


M865 TPCSDS-T Made by ATK (Later MOD)



Nice ! You need to join the AUSA and go to their shows. You would be buried with info. I used to go to the big one in DC years back. What a toy box and tons of free stuff !


That would be AMAZING! Would love to go one day if allowed.


Anyone can join the AUSA ( Association of the United States Army) and go to the shows. They have some in Florida as I remember. Check it out. I have not been a member for years since McDonald-Douglas sued me to recover an experimental shell which one of their folks at the show sold to me. Bad sports. I did not know that it was on loan to them from one of the big German companies. I don’t remember which . Their executives were not amuzed. They sent private investigators to my place and attempted to force me to tell who it had come from.

I don’t do things like that, so they sued me to get it back. They did, BUT they never found out what they wanted to know. I made up a box with interesting coded and not coded info on it, put the shell in the box and met their lawyer on a public street. I removed the shell from the box and gave it to them. Took the box. Walking away a block or so I put the box in a trash can in front of a building which I new. I went in the back door and watched their men dig my box out of the trash after they thought I had gone. AMATEURS !

They likely spent a couple of thousand for some brainiac to try to understand the codes !

Had they been nice about the matter they could have traded me something and all would have been well but you know how executives and their egos go.

Not a big deal as the same fellow sold lots of super neat items to me over the years.

He is also gone now.

Good Ole Days !


I will have to check into joining that. Would love to go to one of those shows one day! Tons of factory sectioned, tank fired APFSDS rounds on display all over the place. My camera would melt from all the pictures I would take if they allowed cameras.



Your kind of place but no Lemurs.


I guess lemurs are not ammo :-) That’s a good thing considering all the other creatures that were used as ammunition over history. I still want to go to a show.