APFSDS - Jason

Fired-up to be a IAA Member since 2006. As my screen name implies, I am very interested in discarding sabot ammunition, ESPECIALLY, “Tank Fired”. I am also interested in torpedoes and collect (older the better) torpedo related artifacts, primarily their guidance gyroscopes, propellers and inert fuzes /pistols.

As a very young kid I was diagnosed with Leukemia and on my 1st field trip from the hospital to the local Zoo, I new I was hooked on wildlife. Luckily (4 me), I survived and was able to follow my dreams of working with exotic and endangered wildlife as an adult.

Here is a picture (about 3 years old) of one of the www.tigerhomes.org Animal Sanctuary’s black African Spotted Leopard cubs I had to hand raise, named Midnight.

Jason Abels