APFSDS Museum, southern Miami, Florida

This museum’s curator is very hospitable and has 2 passions, one is ammo, another has fangs and mostly has to be admired from a distance. He said that I was the 1st ammo collector (Jason, you are too kind!!) to visit his house. I personally strongly recommend self inviting to visit this place. You will never forget this tour, guaranteed. And refreshing air of South Florida is also good to imbibe!!
If you want to learn more about the fanged passion #2, click here tigerhomes.org/

Vlad, I think that lion likes you. Did Jason give you some of that BBQ sau…I mean cologne to wear?

The first ammo collector?

My girlfriend and I would like to go there very much, to see ammo ( myself) and animals ( my girlfreind and I) …

There’s only one problem… Jason lives a bit too far from me…

Vlad, I hope you were not drooling on that 30mm DU dummy!!! :)

It was great seeing you and showing you around, Vlad. Here are a few more pictures of that 30MM round :slight_smile:




The way that Lemur is looking at that lovely cartridge, Jason, are you sure it is not from his collection, rather than yours? :-)

Good pictures Vlad and Jason. Thanks for sharing them. Not into the big stuff myself, but the animals are great! (Some of them are “big stuff,” come to think of it!)

Thanks, John! If you ever head East and then way South, definitely let me know :-)


I was in Shrivenham last week where they have a gun barrel for the experimental 140mm tank gun, plus a dummy APFSDS round standing beside it. The complete round is 1.485m (that’s just under five feet) long.

They also have a sectioned 5 inch Green Mace AA round firing HEFSDS.

That is awesome, Tony! Do you have any photos? I have seen some pictures of some 140MM sabot petals and a 140MM Proof Fin Stabilized Slug before. They were all painted purple which I was told means experimental.


Here you go…total length 1,485mmm, “case” length 1010mm, base diameter c. 160mm, rim diameter c.170mm. I think that the brass case standing next to it was probably for the old (Conqueror) 120mm gun (I think it is a 120mm gun above the 140mm barrel behind the rounds).

And here’s the sectioned 5 inch Green Mace HEFSDS AA round - case length 690mm, rim diam 172mm. The projectile is 980mm long (to the back of the fins) and about 60mm in diameter. The sabot is midway down the shell, at the case mouth.

I’m really surprised Jason doesn’t have a torpedo section, or at least a part, in that photo!
Very nice collection! Nice Kitty Cat Club too!

Thank you so much for posting those awesome photos of the 140MM ammunition and barrels system, Tony. Really appreciate it a lot.

Shotmeister, attached are a few pics of some of my torpedo collection on the opposite wall :slight_smile: I actually sold a lot of my torpedo collection to help fund my INERT, tank fired DS collection :slight_smile:


The funny thing is that, Pepper, actually named that white tiger (Tundra) next to the 30MM round a long before I even knew the IAA existed :-)


The quintessential (coincidence/happenstance) small world story involving one of my NFL players, a marketing deal, a tiger, and then the tiger’s keeper (Jason) who I then met when he brought a couple of small “felines” to meet our team 10 years ago in Atlanta…never knowing that; he either had a “ammo interest”…or one day would develop one; and we would once again encounter each after a random trade (to a third party) years later.

As a part of my player’s personal marketing deal…he was to name a “baby”, female, white tiger. He engaged me for my ideas…and a name for the white tiger instantly popped in my head “Tundra!” (you need to know we play football in Green Bay on our nicknamed field…the “Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field”)

…and the rest is history.

(and Jason and I would become pals by happenstance years later!)

(is that accurate Jason ??)

100% Pepper!

Just found this ticket stub the day I met, Pepper. After the game we brought, Tundra, our white Bengal tiger cub that he named to the hotel to hang with, Pepper and the GB Packers for dinner.


Awesome collection, Jason!
How long have you been collecting the finned stuff?
Are all those available from surplus sources?

Jason, you said that after the game, you brought the tiger to hang out with Pepper and some of the Packers players. Considering the Tiger, which one of the Packers players was “dinner?” :-) I’m glad it wasn’t Pepper.

Thanks big time, TooTall Dan :-)

I have spent years acquiring and hunting down these “INERT” specimens from all over the globe. Luckily I have made some great friends here in the IAA who have been a great help over the years. Sadly, most of these are unbelievably hard to come by and most are not found in surplus stores, but some can be. The US M735, 105MM APFSDS is often found in surplus stores and is one of the coolest APFSDS items out there in my opinion. If you need help finding one let me know and I’ll hunt one down for you. Thanks again for your complement on my collection.


Haha, John! That’s great!