APFSDS Penetrator ID needed (added extra photos)


What is the correct identification for the APFSDS penetrator below?
Overall length 19 inches, about 3.75" across the fins and the main part of the rod is about 1.375" diameter.
Thanks in advance.


I have a similar penetrator from the 120mm Tanks I believe.
Your reply will also answer my query.
The blue colour means practice on my example. I assume it is American?
My example was fired in Australia. We have Abrams tanks too. Cheers. Ron.


Hi, John and Ron! Both of these sub-projectile darts belong to the US made, 105mm M735 APFSDS-T round. It is the first type classified and adopted US 105mm APFSDS-T round for the M68 riffled gun used on the M1 Abrams tank. It has a tungsten core and is crimped to a steel M148A1B1 case and uses an ELEC M120 primer assembly. After the M735 comes the DU cored M774, then M833 then the M900. After that, the US went to the M1A1 Abrams fitted with German made, 120mm smooth bore M256 gun.



Jason- Thanks, I KNEW you wold know the answer!

Hope you and the cats are enjoying a good spring and avoid hurricanes this year.
Thanks again!


TOTAL PLEASURE, John! Its awesome seeing large bore, tank stuff on this forum ! MY FAV!

PS: Thanks for the, “ANTI STORM” vibes! We need them!


Wish someone would make some repro-sabots for these.


Those I have…or have had…if Jason needs them…he gets them

(Questions ?..direct them to Jason)


With a combination of Jason’s projo & my “steel”

This makes for one nasty 105 mm display (as at my SLICS 2015 display)

I am looking to buy the same projo if anyone knows of one to chase


Amazing display Pepper! Makes me so jealous!

I have been looking for 105mm M735 sabots for years now since Jason helped me get the penetrator. Since then I have found 1 single sabot, and nothing else. I have seen complete rounds but typically too big to get. Someday ill find those 2 other sabots…


So bad ass, Pepper! You are the best! So cool seeing the core in the sectioned M735!



That EXCALIBER (X27) , display is about as epic as it gets! “PUNCHED STEEL” at its best! Intensely Beautiful!