APG boxes

Some recent boxes by Armeria Patria Giorgio:

First productions were white or green. I have these ones:

9 x 21 white
32 S&W long WC yellow
45 ACP blue
7.65 Browning blue
7.65 Para green

Fede, are these boxes sold in Argentina too? These are not so easy to find even in Italy. They are sold locally only

Ciao Pivi, these were used at Worldshoot XV (2008) celebrated in Bali, Indonesia and were found by a local shooter. I also have examples of .38 Super Auto and 9 x 21 boxes, both yellow color and coming from that competition too.

Pictures added.

Thanks Fede, here you have the white and the green one:

Here you have the APG proprietary headstamp, two variations on 9 x 21 ammo:

Like other small italian factories Giorgio Patria started loading his ammo using cases made by other factories with his own monogram marked around the base. Those cases bear the original headstamp, I have Fiocchi and PS cases with “APG” around the base. Later he obtained cases with his own proprietary headstamp. I suspect that the APG headstamped cases are made by PS

Pivi, thanks for the pictures and information.