API ammo/projos in 7.62x51 and 338 Lapua

Hey all

I have been having some RFQs in API in a/m calibers. As far as I know among US allies Nammo is the only one making these. Of course, the list of countries they cannot sell is probably longer than the list they CAN sell.

Who else out there is currently manufacturing API?



Jay, look at RUAG and MEN.

Hi Jay,

Here’s a picture of a sectioned MEN 7.62x51. The core is steel (and not even that hard). The Ti tip is flared out in order to secure it.

The RUAG .338LM has a TC core.


Not to forget the Titanium tips for the incendiary effect.

Is Titanium pyrophoric?.
I always thought one of its advantages is it is not pyrophoric.

Titanium is not pyrophoric but upon disintegration it is heating up extremely and produces a burst of glowing metal fragments.

Lehigh Bullets / Lehigh Defense is producing the bullets, titanium tips. Also doing conventional AP. Dave Fricke is the owner.

Thanks all. Great stuff.

I should have clarified, looking for true Incendiary versus just flash. I don’t think Ti or alum will get hot enough. Ala M14 .30 caliber or ideally Mk211.

Is anyone on here an expert on Incendiary comps? I know USG M8 is using IM-28. Good stuff - 3 part dry mix. I’m looking for simple formula and known trade offs (doesnt work well at cold or ?) for simplicity. Knowing what I might lose for simple mix or COTS composition is a must.



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Thanks and keep them coming.

The small guys like Dave are ideal. The big guys will sell me small quantities, however for big orders or international they will not sell without end user certification. Once they know who my customer is they either will not quote bc they are going after it themselves or their country will not let them sell (even when US DOS would give me a DSP-5 to export).

Jay, wasn’t Titanium creating a longer “burn” or “exposure” time?
My memory on that is fading.