APRIL Cartiridge of the Month posted

You gotta see this one!

Dang, considering how much I paid for mine, I’m very suprised that you even considered cutting one up (let alone wondering about the sanity of guy that paid you to section it).
BTW, how were you able to cut through the unobtainum core material?

This is the only military cartridge I would be interested in owning.

I would love to have one of those rounds for my collection. I would put it in the section where I have my imaginary 8.5 Mars, .45 Ross, 8mm Bergmann Rimless-Grooveless, and my complete set of BSA Belted auto pistol cartridges. Funny, though, that such a big round as this, in the picture, looks exactly like all of the other cartridges I described above.

Gee, today is March 31st. I’ve heard of a day late and a dime short, but…!

WOW, you must have some really good connections in NASA to get one of this.

For anyone interested, I have a few cases of these rounds available for sale. Quantity discounts. No ID, proof of age, nothin’ required to purchase. Just, ya know, money. I suppose I should put this on the BUY/SELL forum. Anyway, order quickly, they’re going fast!!!


I just took another look at the APRIL COTM and noted I only have 3 cases @200 rds/case left of this variation. All the rest of mine are the T973B5 and 6 versions. The B4s are the least collectible with the B6s currently selling at a premium. Please specify Mods B4, 5 or 6 when placing your order.

I have one of those around here, but I can’t find it.


From the viewpoint of an EOD:
How do you distinguish the fired, armed round from the safe unfired?

Hey Strak

You have to weigh them. You can paint them, but that drastically affects their collector value. To zero. And the paint doesn’t even stick.

I heard that this round was extensivly tested at Area 51 in Nevada. But they quit the test program due to the extrame problem of range clean up.

ok ok good joke but did anyone notice we did not get to see the insides of a real cartridge this month and will have to wait until next month to get another!!!

I can see it just fine. You have to sorta focus your eyes on a distant object and then view the page without changing your focus. My wife calls it my “blank stare”. I do it often and well.


There goes the surprise for my SLICS display next year and I was going to feature all the special projo tip markings per my love of “color tips”.

So I will just boycott displaying all together next year !

Well done Paul, no one can dispute the quality of your work…word has it these rounds can be e-mailed ?


I think I saw a full factory sealed box of those on Gunbroker. They were not sectioned though :-( Paul rules!!!