Arabic 7.62 Russian ID

I picked this one up on the weekend. No idea what this headstamp says, manufacturer or country.
Any input appreciated.

Matt–The Arabic at the top says “Misr”, which is the country name “Egypt” in Arabic. The characters at 6 o’clock are the year “58” (1958). It was made by:

Shobra Company for Engineering Industries (Factory 27), Teret El-Ismailia road, P.O.Box: 11241 Magd El-Eslam, Shobra, Cairo

Thanks for that great info.

Misr , whilst it is written in Arabic script, is not an arabic word.

It is the Ancient name of Egypt, pronounced in the Coptic manner, which is the closest to the original Pharaonic Egyptian pronunciation for the name of the Country on both sides of the Nile.

Egypt ( Latin Aegyptus, derived from the Greek of Alexander the Great’s time,) is a relatively recent name, in the historical scheme of things.

Doc AV

And also interestingly, in Hebrew, Egypt is called Mitzryim, stemming from the Egyptian Misr.

I guess these were made for use with the “Rasheed” or “Rashid” rifles the Egyptians used back then, essentially a scaled-down 8mm “Hakim” but otherwise much like the Swedish AG-42?

Egypt also used/uses SKS and AK rifles.

Isn’t the pictured cartridge a 7.62 m/m Russian rimmed (7.62 x 54 R)? The Rashid rifle uses the 7.62 m/m M43 (7.62 x 39) round, does it not? Jack

I was thinking that the rear surface might have been beveled, but I agree it does look like a 7.62X54R. I thought that the 8X57 or .303 were more the Egyptian rifle standard calibers at that time.

Right-o! I was rolling with the Rashid comment.

So were the Egyptians using Russian rifle calibers at that time (late 50’s)? Evidently they were, or they would likely not have been manufacturing 7.62X54R ammo. I’m not up on Egyptian small arms of that period.

From 1955 on, the Egyptians used primarily Soviet-Bloc arms.

Just confirming that this is a 7.62x54R.

According to my Jordanian co-worker, “Egypt” is pronounced “Masr” with a soft “s”, outside of Egypt it is also “Maser”. Just trying to add insignificant minutia to the discussion.

I know this is an old post but Egypt/UAR used Russian M-44’s for police and train protection.The main reason for mfg. the 7.62x54r. The Russian m-44 was used officially until the 70’s. The Rasheed was never chambered in 7.62x54r. They also employed a few Russian machine guns from post WWII. All ammo from that area is heavy ball and uses a square flake powder instead of the more common stick powder. The ammo was almost always packed in 50 round boxes like the 8mm ammo. Many of those M-44’s have shown up in the US. All well used with rack numbers painted in Arabic on the butt stock. Not to mention the SVD, SVT, Dragonovs,91/30’s and 91/30 sniper rifles that are all over the middle east.

Chasing some info on another Egyptian headstamp on a 7.62x54R.
Almost the same as the third headstamp in this image from an old archived topic except without the symbol at the 6 o’clock position.

What does U.A.R stand for?
59 = year?
27 = Factory 27, Shoubra?

United Arab Republic (as opposed to the Arabic Republic of Egypt).
Yes, made in 1959 at Shoubra.


For an extensive description and discussion on 7.62x54R ammunition made by or for various countries see the following:


With regards to 7,62x54R ammo made in Egypt from the mid fifties onwards,
I have a MN44 Carbine, with a replacement barrel marked “PWD” and Arabic script on the butt. PWD is Egypt’s “Public Works Dept”., which also runs the Railway workshops. Hence the railway guards connection.

Doc AV