Arabic 7.62 x 39 Headstamps - ID help

Can anyone help me ID any of these headstamps? Thanks.

All I get when I click on your the website you posted is that the pictures have been deleted or moved. It is much better to post your pictures right on this site. More and more, people are posting them elsewhere, and they often are not there when one attempts to look at them. It also makes it harder to print out the Forum thread for future reference.

10-4 and stand-by! Thanks!!

Can anyone help ID these headstamps? Thanks in advance & sorry for any confusion.


Number 1-7 are all Iraqi.
Number 8 Iraqi, but I need to see a side shot of the cartridge.
Number 9 has an Iraqi property mark at 12 o’clock.

Yes, all Iraqi. Nice newer dates too. Man, those are some rough headstamps! #9 might be Iraqi manufacture, but it might also have been made FOR them. Never heard much to ID this one way or the other, but it does have the Iraqi army property mark (triangle). Saw a lot of this same ammo during Desert Storm, with “89” or “90” being the latest I found.


The photo contains two (2) rounds that maintain the same headstamp. The top round is the one from the original photo (#8).


Iraqi with a steel case…that’s news!

[quote=“rndstpr”]The photo contains two (2) rounds that maintain the same headstamp. The top round is the one from the original photo (#8).


rndstpr, could you show us the hs of the steel case?

The case finish has the same general appearance of some 7.62x39mm made by S&B in the Czech Rep. I wonder if this is contract ammunition, but the case mouth seal is not typical Czech to my knowledge. Maybe the Czechs supplied the cases only? At any rate, a very interesting item!


Sorry for the delay!


That was well worth the wait!!

rndstpr, thanks a lot! I agree with Jim, that’s an outstanding cartridge, congratulations!

Could anyone tell the year on that one?

Top left says “99”, so I’d go with 1999. The other numbers are “03” and “39”.

Jon, thanks a lot!

if you layed #9 and possibly #8 side by side with a ZV case you would see they are related.
My earliest ZV-like Iraqi headstamp is from 1978. 2 entry headstamp:
12’: ﻡ ی ع and ٧٨ at 6’

I get the caliber marking, and the date, but can someone explain what the “03” means? Is it the contract, or factory. If it is the factory, can someone provide any information on the factory? All the headstamps are different but yet all maintain the “39” and the “03”, with the exception of no. 9, but the date is the variable. Thanks in advance.

I think we all believe that the “39” denotes 7.62x39, and the “03” is the factory code.
That’s all I got.