Arabic 7.62x51 HS

I have this headstamp on a brass 7.62x51 Case. I have actually had this since about 2005 but have only recently uncovered it again while sorting through (and selling to someone who sells them on for reloading) a load of empty cases I had around.

When and where was this made, and what does it actually say?

Thanks in advance for any info.

I can’t translate it, but it is Iranian.

Thanks for the info. Is this pre or post revolution Iranian?

Falcon, It is post revolution. The headstamp us upside down. The two characters on the bottom are a contraction of the characters for “Defense Industries Organization” that are illustrated on page 45 of IAA Journal 465. The translation of the headstamp was provided by Mr Ghorbani.

Thanks Lew, I altered the picture so it is now the right way up.

What do the two bottom characters mean?

The two bottom characters are numbers. Numbers are read from left to right, unlike script which is read right to left. The numbers illustrated appear to be “64”. This likely indicates a year date code of 1364 on the Persian calendar–not the Islamic calendar, they are different. 1364 Persian roughly aligns to March 1985 to March 1986 Gregorian.

Thanks Christopher, that’s another headstamp solved.

Am I correct that the first character is a Farsi “D”. and the second one is a Farsi “S”?

yes, it is a D and one of both S in Arabic and Farsi letters.

Thanks Hans, do you know what would be a transliteration of the actual words they stand for (Defense Industries) in English?

Falcon, I wished I could.