Arabic cartridge box - need help


This is an cardboard cartridge box made in one of Arabic countries.
I need a help to identify country and cartricdge caliber.

As per my supposition this is Syrian box for 10 cartridges cal. 7,62x54R Mosin datted 1954. It’s only my theory. The 7.9x57 Mauser is too long for this box, but 7,62x54R is suitable, and also side part of this box is slightly conical.

Please, help me to make correct identification of this box


If I’m reading it correctly,the box is Syrian for the 7.5 French cartridge, loaded 1957.
Charles.J.Wells (Jack)


Correct, "V,o " is “7,5” in Arabic Script.

Defence Factory, Damascus, Syria, 1957, January, Day 14 ( or Lot 14?).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Thanks a lot for answers. So the cartridges from this box was made (not only packed) in Syria?