Arabic, Egyptian, Turkish 9mm Luger ammo identification

I bought some 9mm ammo dirt cheap for my carbine, 1 in 6 rounds don’t work but there are no hang fires, Berdan primed, poor quality cases with streaks in the brass, splits and creases, appears to be steel core (very good penetration of steel) and very hot loaded (kicks like a full size rifle and has extraction issues and expanded primers) boxes appear older than my 1960s soviet ammo. 32 rounds to a box, 8 rows of 4 rounds.
I have no idea what it is and would like some help to get it ID’d.

Egyptian. Made at the Shoubra factory (27) in 1975.

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Any reason it seems to be a very hot load? And are they steel core?

Following: I have one box.

Not the nicest stuff to shoot, but I have several thousand rounds… may as well. Doubt it has much collectors value unlike the old kynoch ammo I shot off without realizing.

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Yea, I did that a few times back in my Age of Ignorance… shot a whole bunch of commercial 7mm Mauser & .30-06 in pre WWII American boxes, don’t remember who made them.