Arabic label

What does this label say ?

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Not sure about lines 1 and 2, but line 3 reads “Masqat”, obviously the capital of Oman.


I tried multiple Optical Character Recognition services and then pasted into Google translate, the most functional results of which was:

The merchant was a thousand years
Tkdralarshanh God together

Could still be rather misinterpreted based on regional dialect, abbreviations, or slang usage.

Hello all of you.
I asked one friend who is Arab transletor and she undestand this:

“Coekier comercial francés agente de celda francesa masqat”
Translate to spanish language.

My english translation (sorry for this translation)

“Coekier french commercial agent french cell Masqat”

Maybe someone choose better translation becaus i don’t understand nothing.


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This isn’t fluent Arabic, I believe it is some sort of advertisement poster or a shop name.


Coeky “a person’s name” the French dealer is the agent “or representative” of the French factory “or workshop”
Muscat “Oman’s capital”

Hope this helps



Thank you very much !

it was the label of a box of cartridges manufactured by SFM


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My friend in tbe UAE has translated this as

“Kookee a French business man is the agent of sweing machine in mascut sultanate of oman”

Coeky (or Kookee) ,french dealer, representative of the French factory (it is SFM or Gevelot, I have to check the date of the label)
Muscat “Oman’s capital”

i will try to find in orders book the name of the guy;
Thanks to all of you

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