Are there any ammunition-specific shows in Texas?


Hi folks, I was wondering if there were any ammunition-specific shows anywhere near me. I’m in San Antonio, Texas, USA. I read the Journal and I see the ads for shows but they all seem far away! I realize that a local show wouldn’t be very big but it would still be great to attend.

Texas is big but anywhere in the state is close (enough) to me. Even western Louisiana is OK.

Does anyone know of any shows in the described geographical area?

  • Rich


Same question…Do we have enough ammo collectors in Texas and Oklahoma to put on a show along the I-35 corridor? Say in the DFW area?



There used to be a very nice cartridge show in Houston put on by the Texas Cartridge Collectors Association. The Texas group worked out a neat deal with the Texas Gun Collectors Association, which put on a huge gun show in the Houston Astrodome. However, the gun collectors did not allow live ammunition in their show, so they subsidized the cartridge collectors, who held their show in a hotel across the street from the Astrodome. That way, cartridge collectors who were also gun collectors could attend both shows for the same price. And gun collectors who wanted some ammunition to go with their Walker Colts and Henry rifles could go across the street to the cartridge show. A real win-win. Unfortunately, for reasons I won’t go into here, the Texas Cartridge Collectors Association is no more.

However, I see 39 IAA members in the 2010 membership roster who live in Texas, including you. You might consider getting in touch with them and see if there is enough interest in doing a show. The Texas Gun Collectors Association might be interested in the same sort of arrangement they had before. A joint event with a gun show of the quality of the Texas gun collectors’ show would be a huge draw, I think. I’d come.


None in Houston but the Houston Gun Collectors shows now allow ammo.


Wow, glad to hear there is some potential, even if there is currently no actual show.

I’ll look through the directory and see who I can come up with. Even if we put together a “show” that was more of a get-together, I’d be OK with that.

If you are interested in a Texas show, please email me: theothertexasrich (at) live (dot) com

Any further information would be great, so please post if you like!


Rich–If you would be willing to go from San Antonio to Louisiana for a Cartridge Show, then you might consider the Southwest Cartridge Show held in Prescott, Arizona on Feb. 24-27, 2011. It must be about the same distance west as Louisiana is east from San Antonio.


Just about 1400 miles from Austin & 700 from Ammarillo (probably spelled wrong)


Ron, as much as I like Prescott (I was married there in the old Courthouse by the County Clerk herself!) it is a very long way; 1090 miles. Didn’t mean to snub your town - ahem, “city” by now - Pete :-) Lake Charles, LA, which is the first city of any size in LA is 330 miles away.

I see an opportunity for a friendly Texas cartridge show… I got lots on the plate right now, but maybe late-2011-ish.


Rich–OK, so I was wrong about the distances. At the time I wrote that, in my mind’s eye, it did not seem to be that different. My mind’s eye must have been asleep.


Go for it, just what we did in the Philly area about 18 years ago. A few of us sat around eating chili and decided to have a cartridge show. Two of us worked together and our 17th annual show will be this August. You really need two people to run a show without going crazy. Need help? Just ask!


No problem, Ron. You have always been helpful and maybe I need to get back to Prescott anyway. I miss the humid and cool pine air.

Jonny, I appreciate the offer! I will certainly be in touch!


HI Rich
was wrong on my distances but it is 700 mikes (give a few) from Ammarillo (again sorry about the spelling) Don’t worry about the snub, just more good bullets for me to find & take home, still you’d be welcome & hope you plus lots of others others do make it!